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The fascinating world of micronutrients and emotional health topics is a great passion of the post-graduate nutritionist. The zealous wordsmith skillfully puts together contributions from various scientific sources, explaining complex topics in easily accessible terms. She is also a dedicated mum to two children.

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All about magnesium – effect, daily requirement and how to take it
Magnesium – effect, daily requirement and how to take it
Our body needs magnesium for many different functions. Therefore, it must be adequately nourished via the intake of food. In this article you will learn everything about magnesium: its effect and use, the daily requirement and more.

Vitamin B12 - and everything you need to know about it

More and more people are deciding to give up animal-based foods for a variety of reasons. Those who opt for a purely plant-based diet should pay special attention to one particular vitamin for the sake of their health: the B vitamin "B12". 

Magnesium tablets & Co. – the advantages and disadvantages of the pharmaceutical forms

Magnesium tablets, like magnesium capsules, are an established form of topping up your magnesium supply. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of these pharmaceutical forms here.
Calf cramps

Leg cramps – why they occur & what helps to prevent them

Painful leg cramps force us unexpectedly to our knees – but why do they occur? And what can we do about them?

What is astaxanthin? – All about benefits, use & dosage

Astaxanthin not only colours wild salmon and crabs pink through their intake of microalgae, it also shines with its powers as a super antioxidant. A summary of the effect, application and dosage of the marine antioxidant.

Histamine intolerance: How to recognise histamine intolerance and what to do about it

Do you find that a glass of red wine, instead of relaxing you, gives you a runny nose? What sounds like an allergy could be a histamine intolerance – learn all about it here.
Vitamin D for babies & newborns: yes or no?

Vitamin D for babies & newborns: yes or no?

Breast milk and high-quality infant formula are perfectly tailored to the needs of babies. But why is vitamin D still recommended for little ones? Is it not enough to spend a lot of time outdoors with your baby and to absorb the vitamin through...

Vitamin D in pregnancy

Vitamin D has been discussed for years. Its relevance is undisputed even before pregnancy. But why is vitamin D also important for expectant mothers, how high is the need when you are pregnant and what is there to consider when taking vitamin D? Let...
Liver detox – These methods and home remedies can relieve liver stress

Liver detox – These methods and home remedies can relieve liver stress

After the feast comes care for the liver. While many of us retreat indoors to hibernate in the winter months and spend the cold days enjoying heavy food, lounging on the sofa and spoiling ourselves with a few glasses of alcohol, others of us feel...
The secret power of bitter substances

Bitter substances: Why bitter is healthy and good for the modern body

Admittedly, it’s usually not love at first sight: bitter, the taste profile which, for many people, conjures up first an acidic facial expression and then a distorted smile. However, bitter tasting plant substances can offer valuable lifelines...

What sport suits me best?

Beyond making us feel happier, an active lifestyle does wonders for the body and soul. To develop a real passion for a sport and stay on the ball over the long term, you need to know the sport that’s best for you. After all, your ideal sport also...
All about collagen – effect, daily needs and use

All about collagen – effect, daily needs and use

Collagen is currently particularly popular in the beauty and wellness area: The structural protein is designed to smooth our skin, make joints resilient and tune our body composition. But what is collagen? What effect does it have and how to best...

Wild yams – a women's remedy

Yams are a beloved staple food in many tropical countries. Here in the West, standardized extracts of wild yams are also a secret remedy for women's health. Read on to learn more about this traditional tuber's benefits.
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