"There's no planet B": this is probably the best way to describe our environmental and sustainability measures. We are always on the lookout for fantastic initiatives and creative ideas that improve our carbon footprint and protect the environment. For us, climate protection does not mean doing without or taking a step backwards, but rather innovative solutions with great joy and energy efficiency.


"Double climate positive" due to numerous environmental projects

From packaging to production and logistics measures to the vehicle fleet and the energy source used - everything is avoided and reduced. For example, we ship in mineral oil-free cardboard boxes with eco-conscious packaging produced in-house (Karopacks made from recycled paper) instead of plastic.

Unavoidable emissions are determined using modern software and offset with selected environmental projects. The whole thing is even doubled, which is why BIOGENA has been able to call itself "double climate positive" since 2021.

Savings of more than 1 million kilos of CO2 equivalents per year

Good Health World as a 6,500 m² habitat for endangered animals

Sustainability and environmental protection are top priorities at BIOGENA Good Health World. The facility is surrounded by ecologically valuable areas: 6,500 m² of biotope have been revitalized to preserve the habitat for endangered animals such as amphibians and butterflies. In addition, the roofs were greened and photovoltaic elements were installed on the façades to ensure an environmentally friendly energy supply.

Living space for 250,000 bees from 5 bee colonies
Revitalization of 6,500 m² biotope for habitat of endangered animals

BIOGENA eco tin

Our eco-can made of Green PE consists entirely of renewable natural substances (Green PE comes from sugar cane, specifically from a by-product of sugar cane processing). It has no impact on the environment and is 100% recyclable. With the eco-can, we have found the perfect packaging for our micronutrient preparations.

Savings of around 97,500 kilos of CO2 equivalents per year

Photovoltaic systems

We use the power of the sun and have over 500 solar panels in operation, with 450 more already planned. Step by step, we are moving towards becoming an energy self-sufficient company. For example, BIOGENA Group construction projects are being planned and equipped with photovoltaic systems. A photovoltaic system has also been added to the roof of our headquarters in Salzburg. We use the solar energy, which is converted into electrical energy by the solar cells, directly to supply our sites with energy.

Projected savings of 77,207.35 kilos of CO2 equivalents per year

Huge e-fleet & public transport tickets

Our company fleet has been converted to electric. This means that we not only cruise cleanly through the streets, but also benefit from the clean energy at our sites (charging stations powered by solar energy). In addition, a total of 122 BIOGENA Group employees currently have an annual and climate ticket and use public transport to get to work every day.

Savings of 84,260 kilos of CO2 equivalents
In total, this results in a top result of around 1 million kilograms of CO2 equivalents per year! 2021 was the beginning, from now on we will fight climate change twice a year together with strong measures and our community - for the health and well-being of many people worldwide & our Planet Blue. Our goal for 2022 is to top the 1 million kg CO2 savings. 

We have had the unavoidable emissions calculated using modern, AI-based software (, already based on Scope 3) and offset them with an innovative young company ( with future-proof projects. We have even doubled this - which is why we can not only call ourselves climate neutral, but also "double climate positive".
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