Camilla Freinek, BSc MSc Camilla Freinek, BSc MSc

Camilla Freinek, BSc MSc

Camilla Freinek completed her studies in biology, specialising in cell biology and microbiology, and then devoted herself to research. She has been pursuing her passion in the BIOGENA science team since 2018 – the communication of current scientific topics to all those interested in health. She pursues the writing of scientific contributions in the field of the current study situation on the prevention potential of orthomolecular medicine with particular passion.

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Spirulina: Effect and intake of blue algae
For millennia, spirulina kelp has been a traditional source of food for some indigenous cultures in Africa and Central America. However, in recent years this small power pack has also gained in popularity in the Western world. No wonder, because the...

Micronutrients for the holiday

This year too, holidays are a hot topic. We have some practical tips for your next trip and will show you why you should ensure sufficient micronutrient care before you start your holiday.

Omega 3 during pregnancy: EPA & DHA for pregnant women

Omega 3 fatty acids – especially DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) – are essential for healthy development, which is why they play a major role in pregnancy. The omega 3 fatty acid DHA in particular plays a decisive role...

Hyaluronic acid & its effect on skin etc. from the inside

Hyaluronic acid is one of the brightest stars in the anti-aging sky. But how does this substance work? And what can be expected from targeted intake? We explain this and more in this blog.
Person with folic acid deficiency

Folic acid deficiency – what you need to know

Do you recognise this story? The Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, in which Rapunzel's mother lusted after the prohibited salad leaves in her neighbour’s garden during pregnancy? Her gut feeling was right on the money, since the water-soluble B...

Everything about vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – daily requirement, effect & use

Vitamin C is a vitamin for all seasons. This immunity classic is not only in demand during the cold season, it is also a warm weather vitamin, which proves its qualities either in the course of extensive sunbathing or when travelling by air. Learn...

Everything about quercetin – effect, requirement, intake & dosage

Quercetin is a citrus-yellow natural dye found in many plants. Due to its far-reaching positive effects on human health, this flavonoid is a recurring focus of science. But what are the therapeutic indications for quercetin? What is it good for? Let...

How to boost your immune system – these tips can be used to build up strong defences

Always feeling under the weather? Our bodies come into contact with various pathogens every day. Modern lifestyles also tend to weaken our systems. It is therefore crucial to strengthen our immune systems. This article provides tips and support...

Menopause – of hormones and paths

Sexual hormones are not wallflowers. While other hormones usually just quietly get on with their business, sex hormones like to behave like divas. Even in the menopause, they don’t just lie down quietly and recede into the background, but make...

Ready for autumn? – Micronutrients & Tips

You might not know it from the weather right now, but autumn is just around the corner once again and with it darker, shorter days and the associated lethargy and fatigue. Now is the perfect time to tank up for the cold season and to give your body...

Brittle nails, ridges & white spots - the causes of nail changes

Well-groomed, beautiful fingernails are every person’s calling card. White spots, grooves, or brittle nails do not make a good first impression. There are various reasons for these unsightly spots or deformations. In this short nail primer,...

PMS: The days before your menstrual period

Why is it that yesterday you were completely at ease with yourself and the world and today everything is completely upside down? You hate your face in the mirror, your bra pinches, chocolate is irresistable – and your partner is also getting on...

Study: Intestinal flora affects mental health status

In recent years, increasing evidence has shown that mental illnesses are associated with altered intestinal flora. This has now been confirmed by a study on individuals suffering depression published in the Nature Microbiology Journal in 2019.
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