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Klaus Molidor

Klaus Molidor has been reporting on professional and amateur sports for more than 20 years for daily and weekly newspapers, as well as magazines. He is himself a passionate marathon runner and delves deeply into all topics related to sports.

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Climbing to build muscle
Building muscle | Nutrition, supplements & training tips
For some people, just seeing a dumbbell seems enough for them to grow biceps and triceps. Others, however, toil away endlessly trying to get more muscular legs, a stronger chest or defined abdominal muscles. It is now known that it is a combination...
Woman with sore muscles

Everything about sore muscles and what helps prevent it

Not even the biggest fans of exercise are immune from muscle aches and pains. When our muscles ache, we really notice it. They can just complain discreetly in the background or make every movement significantly more difficult. The good news: Muscle...
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