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How to prevent & detect osteoporosis

How to prevent & detect osteoporosis

Great Britain is a country of osteoporosis. Around 3.5 million British people suffer from pathological bone loss, which can have dramatic consequences, especially in old age. But how can osteoporosis be prevented and how can it be recognised?

Iron deficiency during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Iron deficiency is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. In fact, about one in three pregnant women suffers from this. Find out here how expectant mothers can identify iron deficiency, how medical professionals make the diagnosis and much more.

Supporting the immune system of children

How the immune system learns lessons from damage and what role micronutrients play: What do a child’s immune system and children have in common? Both still have a lot to learn. While children explore the world in a playful way and collect sticks...

Iron deficiency: Causes, symptoms and what you can do

Iron deficiency is widespread worldwide and yet it is still misunderstood. It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion people suffer from iron deficiency, which slows them down physically and mentally in life. A blog about iron deficiency, causes and...

Magnesium for sport

Successful athletes don't just rely on the right equipment, they also pay close attention to their body's nutritional needs. Magnesium is a vital part of this; it's not called a sports mineral for nothing. But how much magnesium do athletes need?...

Which type of magnesium is best?

The selection of magnesium supplements is large, but how do you recognise a good magnesium, or perhaps even the best magnesium, and how do they differ? Find out more here.
Everything about iron – function, daily requirement & iron values

Iron – function, daily requirement & iron values

Iron doesn’t just sound strong. It is strong. After all, the trace element keeps 179 iron-dependent bodily functions running. But unfortunately not everybody has the full complement. In fact, about one third of the world’s population has a...

Magnesium in pregnancy

Why this powerful nutrient is so important for mothers & their children: Creating new life is incredibly physically taxing, and goes hand in hand with a steep increase in your nutrient requirements. One of the essential factors in ensuring a...

Magnesium deficiency: Causes, symptoms and what you can do

You can’t do without magnesium. After all, this multifaceted light metal is involved in over 600 enzymatic reactions in the body. It’s hardly surprising that magnesium deficiency makes itself felt in so many different ways. But effectively how...

Micronutrients explained - definition & tips for purchase & use

What are micronutrients, what micronutrients are there and how do they differ from macronutrients? We will be answering many micronutrient related questions in this paper, and here are some helpful tips on buying and using them. Learn all you need...
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - when the Intestine Rebels

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - when the Intestine Rebels

Bloating, diarrhea, constipation: Irritable Bowel Syndrome can present in many ways, all of which can complicate daily life. Whether you're sharing a meal with friends, enjoying a family outing, or shopping, your rebellious, sensitive bowels are a...

The gut-brain axis

Much of our emotional and intellectual experiences are located at waist-level: evidence of the delicate and yet palpable link between the belly and the brain. This mind-midriff connection is hardly surprising; after all, the human brain and gut are...