Functional Food

Discover a new way to snack - without a guilty conscience! With our "BIOGENA moments" product line, we offer you snacks with added nutritional value. Enjoy 100% flavour and support your body at the same time.

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Functional taste for fancy moments

When enjoyment and nutritional added value meet, functional food par excellence is created. Our products meet you exactly where you are and support you in realising your potential. Your functional food - your moment!

That's what BIOGENA moments is all about:

BIOGENA moments is for everyone who expects more from snacks & drinks: more function + more flavour = more than fancy.

Support for everyday life
Your snack time-out for every day!
Well-being provider: 
the perfect amount for your well-being.
Relevant micronutrients, cleverly packaged (BIOGENA Inside).
Tasty moments
Gourmet power and a good conscience!
Innovation maker
known as the functional snack & drink innovation of the year, and for good reason.
for Yummy-Moments
Balance bringers
for those mhmm moments.
Environmental saviours
100 % vegan, 100 % sustainable and 100 % free of palm oil.
fairly produced, fairly traded, fairly bought.

BIOGENA moments - a promise

Micronutrient power: Enjoyable snacks & drinks with targeted BIOGENA nutrient combinations combined in perfect doses for your healthy lifestyle. 

Vegan: We love future food & drinks. That's why we completely forgo animal ingredients and prefer to seduce with innovative ingredients with full enjoyment. 

No sugar rush. We are refined – our sugar isn’t. In order to give our snacks that certain something and the right amount of sweetness, we use NEOH Inside with the secret sugar replacement formula ENSO16 – our special stroke of genius.

Palm oil free, sustainable and fair: Not only have we turned our back on palm oil, but all our production, trading and purchasing processes are fair. 100% fair.