The transition metal with the symbol Zn is involved in many vital processes - from cell formation to supporting the immune system. The consequences of zinc deficiency in the body are correspondingly diverse.


Zinc – essential for many bodily functions

In addition to iron, zinc is the second most common trace element in the body and is required for numerous biochemical processes. It helps maintain the function of a normal immune system and helps the cells protect against oxidative stress.

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Why does the body need zinc?

Some examples of organic processes for which zinc is required:

  • Cell division and cell regeneration

  • Growth and regeneration of skin and hair

  • Protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism

  • Production of numerous enzymes and hormones

  • Excretion of carbon dioxide via the lungs

  • Sperm production

  • Supporting the immune system

The role of zinc in the body

From a biological perspective, zinc represents a trace element within the body. The term indicates that the element is given only in very small quantities. Depending on age, gender, and height, only two to four grams of zinc are present in the human body.

However, the body should keep this amount in reserve at all times so that all processes can proceed smoothly. Two problems stand in the way of this: On the one hand, the human body is not able to permanently store zinc. On the other hand, the body cannot produce zinc itself. The required supplies can therefore only be obtained externally – through food and, if necessary, through dietary supplements. The high strategic importance of zinc results from the broad spectrum of organic processes that depend on zinc.

Adequate supply of zinc

The adequate supply of zinc is particularly important in young people because the trace element not only contributes to natural growth but also supports the normal thyroid function and the undisturbed development of sex hormones.

Why a good supply of zinc is so important

Based on the large number of bodily functions that are dependent on support from zinc, several consecutive symptoms can be avoided if permanent under-supply is also avoided. A stable and sufficient zinc supply brings benefits such as:

  • Support of the cardiovascular system

  • Healthy skin and the prevention of skin damage caused by under-supply

  • Promotion of hair growth

  • Stabilization of the immune system

  • Promotion of regular eating habits

  • Support in wound healing

  • Promotion of growth and development processes in children and adolescents

  • Support in the development of the fetus

The body as a zinc regulator

To a certain extent, the healthy human adult body is able to regulate zinc absorption automatically. If the need for zinc in the body increases due to specific stresses or during specific life situations, the body changes the way in which it controls the handling of the food consumed. In cases of higher demand, it extracts a higher amount of the micronutrient from the food and excretes less of it.

This allows the body to regulate its zinc balance over several days. If the food supplied does not contain enough zinc or if the lack of supply persists for a long period of time, the method soon reaches its limits. In these cases, the additional supply of dietary supplements is essential.

The bodies of children and adolescents do not yet have this ability for self-regulation. Thus a balanced diet plan is of particular importance for them – also to prevent consequences later on.

Who needs zinc?

Everyone needs zinc. But there are certain groups of people who have an increased need for zinc.

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • People with a high tendency to sweat
  • People doing sports
  • People with high stress levels

People in these groups are in life situations that lead to increased removal of zinc from the body. As a result, their daily need is higher.

Zinc in food

Good zinc sources include meat, offal, oysters, dairy products, eggs, and fish. Plant-based zinc sources are poorly utilized for various reasons. Therefore, the aspect of “zinc” should be kept in mind, especially in the case of vegetarian and vegan diets. Plant zinc suppliers include spinach, oat flakes, whole grain products, and wheat germ. For grain products, it must be ensured that the zinc content is high, especially in the husk and just underneath it. The zinc content of cereal products thus depends on the grinding level.

Zinc as a nutritional supplement

Zinc is very important for maintaining several bodily functions. Since zinc is not stored by the body for a long time and cannot be produced by the body itself, it is of great importance to ingest it via a balanced diet or zinc preparations. Particular attention should be paid to a balanced zinc balance in children and adolescents since long-term under-supply can lead to long-term consequences for them. Since zinc can be absorbed better in the evenings, the time of intake should be noted.

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Zinc contributes to maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system.

Capsules, tablets, effervescent tablets or liquid? What are the best dosage options?

These days, there are many different zinc preparations on the market - from capsules and tablets to effervescent tablets and drops. Capsule products produced according to the BIOGENA manufacturing standards make it possible to do without unnecessary additives such as colouring agents, binding and separating agents or synthetic coating agents. The latest trend in zinc supplements: is fruity-tasting zinc drops that can be easily integrated into everyday life in a whole variety of ways.

Zinc compounds

After choosing the dosage form, comes the question: which zinc compound is right for me? Gluconate or citrate? Oxide or sulphate? Or something completely different? The main differences between the various zinc compounds lie in their solubility behaviour and bioavailability.

From high dosages of highly-bioavailable, organic zinc citrate designed for therapeutic use, to unique combinations of various highly-bioavailable organic zinc compounds (e.g. zinc picolinate, zinc bis-glycinate and zinc malate) - BIOGENA offers the right product for every health-conscious person. Low-dose combination preparations have the advantage that they are very well tolerated and perfect for daily zinc supplementation for children and the elderly. Those who want to specifically support their immune system would be well advised to take a combination of zinc and natural vitamin C.

What is the best way to take and tolerate zinc?

For good tolerance, it is recommended to take it with a meal; for optimal absorption, it can also be taken in the evening outside of mealtimes.

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