Michael Wäger, BSc, MSc Michael Wäger, BSc, MSc

Michael Wäger, BSc, MSc

Since April 2013, Michael Wäger, a qualified nutrition scientist and biochemist, has been part of BIOGENA and, as the scientific head of the Biogena-Group, is happy to write scientifically sound blog posts because he considers it particularly important to pass on evidence-based knowledge. Since no topics are discussed as hotly as food supplements and health. 

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Longevity: Guide to healthy aging
Thanks to modern medicine, longevity and eternal youth are no longer just a matter of genetics or pure luck. They are art and science at the same time, which each of us can learn and implement in our daily lives in order to live in the best health...

Study: altered intestinal flora in individuals with histamine intolerance

The intestinal flora of people who are sensitive to histamine in foods has a different composition to the intestinal flora of individuals to whom it poses no problems. This is indicated by a German study that was recently published in the Journal of...
How to prevent a hangover: tips for feeling fresh the morning after the night before

How to prevent a hangover: tips for feeling fresh the morning after the night before

Wild and carefree - that’s the mark of a truly great party. However, a great night out is often quickly followed by a great big hangover. This can involve headaches, nausea, listlessness, sensitivity to light and noise… the list goes...
In search of libido

In search of libido: Sexual reluctance in women & men

Hanna and Moritz were on cloud nine. They had just recently met through mutual friends and could hardly keep their hands off each other. But as everyday life became more pressing the fire of passion gradually cooled. The end of the world? No, often...

Healthy vs unhealthy fats: The differences between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids

Despite what you may have heard, fats are one of the key nutrients that our bodies need to function. Fat only becomes a problem when we eat too much of it. In any case, what’s important is to pay attention to the types of fats we eat.

Summer heat: How to cool down on hot days

We all want just one thing, when the sun is out: getting a fantastic tan and soaking up a sufficient amount of vitamin D for improving our mood and health. But no matter whether at the lake or when doing sports – sun and summer heat can be quite a...

Looking for omega-3; finding deficiencies

Not all fats are equal. In fact, the quality, composition and ratio of the fatty acids we ingest play a crucial role. Particular focus should be placed on the two essential omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.
Study: Astragalus helps keep our immune system on an even keel

Study: Astragalus helps keep our immune system on an even keel

Astragalus membranaceus is one of the best known herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. In its countries of origin, northern China and Mongolia, the roots of this plant are highly valued as a powerful aid to maintaining healthy immune function....

Study: Speed-eating causes weight gain in men

“Eating fast makes you fat.” This long-held suspicion was finally confirmed by a large-scale Japanese study in early 2018. Another recent study now suggests that especially men can influence their body weight by regulating their eating speed.

Sports nutrition – Between truth and myth

No issue polarises more than diet when it comes to fitness. Since everybody has a say (or rather: wants to have a say), normal discussions quickly turn into shoptalk, typical training colleagues into fervent supporters of a certain diet. Many who...

Natural boosters for your immune system

Most of you know the classic additives to boost your immune system, such as zinc and vitamin C. But have you ever heard about cat's claw, neem and Astragalus? Find out more about these miracle plants in our latest blog!
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