Lisa Ressi, MSc Lisa Ressi, MSc

Lisa Ressi, MSc

Lisa Ressi is a certified Health & Care Nurse with a Master's degree in Health Sciences. Her heart has been in micronutrients for over 20 years. During her work as a freelance health and care nurse, she also gained a lot of practical experience with micronutrients. 

Her journey at BIOGENA began in 2014. In addition to her work as a micronutrient consultant at the BIOGENA store in Linz, she has created the Micronutrient Coach® compact course with great commitment and love. She has been a member of the BIOGENA science team since 2022 where she fulfills her great passion for knowledge transfer. True to the motto “Knowledge creates health”, she shares her knowledge in lectures, seminars, podcasts and even contributions in a very practical way with all those who are interested in promoting health and supporting therapy with micronutrients.

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Vitamin D (calciferol), the popular sun vitamin
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Natural skin protection: This is how you prepare yourself from the inside against sunshine and UV radiation

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