Ready for autumn? – Micronutrients & Tips

Camilla Freinek Camilla Freinek
from Camilla Freinek, BSc MSc
on 09.10.2023

You might not know it from the weather right now, but autumn is just around the corner once again and with it darker, shorter days and the associated lethargy and fatigue.  Now is the perfect time to tank up for the cold season and to give your body the support it needs.  If you follow a few important steps, the autumn blues will have no chance this year!

What can you do to prevent fatigue in autumn?

More light to fight excess sleep hormones

When the days grow shorter and it gets dark outside, the body produces less mood-lifting hormones, since daylight influences our hormone balance.  The melanopsin protein is contained in the light receptors of the eyes.   When it perceives light, it becomes active and prevents the formation of melatonin. When it gets dark, however, melanopsin is not activated and we produce more melatonin. This “sleep hormone” is the cause of fatigue and lethargy.  It is therefore especially important to spend some time outdoors during the day as often as possible. You can take the opportunity, for example, to get off the bus one stop early on the way to work and walk the rest of the way, or to spend the lunch break outdoors and go for a short walk.  That will be enough to make you feel noticeably fresher for the rest of the day. 

Keep vitamin D levels constant

In addition to the increased formation of melatonin, our body struggles during the darker period of the year with the difficult production of the sun vitamin D. In Central Europe from September to April, the sun’s altitude is too low to effectively produce Vitamin D.  Vitamin D, for example, is urgently required by our body to maintain a functioning immune system. Therefore especially during the autumn and winter months a dietary supplement is recommended in order to maintain Vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D3 drops

Vitamin D3 as practical drops making them even easier to take

Vitamin D3 - also now available to take as drops: Our vitamin D3, proven for many years, is now available in a practical liquid form, making them even easier to take. As a single drop already contains the recommended daily dosage of 25 µg (= 1000 I.U.), taking multiple drops is a thing of the past. Thanks to their sunflower oil content, Biogena Vitamin D3 Tropfen have a pleasantly neutral taste and do not contain medium-chain triglycerides from palm oil.

vitamin D3 drops
Vitamin D3 Tropfen
Vitamin D 2000 DUO Gold

Highly-concentrated vitamin D3 plus native linseed oil for improved uptake in the body

Biogena Vitamin D 2000 DUO is a quality preparation, which with 50 µg (2000 I.E.) per capsule offers a high content of vitamin D3. The capsules contain the high-quality plant substances linseed oil and lutein to further improve vitamin D absorption. Vitamin D not only supports the maintenance of normal immune function, but also the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the intestines and thus contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

Vitamin D 2000 DUO
Vitamin D 2000 DUO Gold

Magnesium to fight the autumn blues

Improved performance and magnesium go together. A well-nourished body is a healthy body. Athletes have long valued the micronutrient magnesium, since it is involved in many metabolic processes. Among other things, magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle functions and a normal electrolyte balance. What is less known, is that this mineral also makes an important contribution to both normal mental functions and energy metabolism. Magnesium – a valuable tip against autumn fatigue!

7 Salt Magnesium 

Seven magnesium compounds, perfectly balanced and combined – with a broad solubility spectrum

BIOGENA Siebensalz® Magnesium delivers seven magnesium compounds. With this, BIOGENA product development has created a capsule with an ideal mixture of various soluble and magnesium-rich compounds. This provides a good magnesium supply – regardless of the pH situation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Product: Siebensalz® Magnesium
Siebensalz® Magnesium

Basic care for wellbeing

Various micronutrients can also passively support vitality and wellbeing. Sufficient intake of various B vitamins (thiamine, B2, niacin, B6, biotin, B12), supports normal nerve function. Vitamin B6 provides above all for mental wellbeing, as does vitamin B9, also known as folic acid. Stable iron and vitamin C levels can also contribute to the reduction of fatigue and tiredness. Nature has already considered this need which is why typical winter vegetables such as green cabbage, red beetroot or savoy cabbage – contain many of these nutrients.

Soothe your spirit

You can also take pleasure in the positive aspects of autumn: the cold and foggy autumn evenings invite you to spend time on yourself. You might, for example, take a walk in the woods with the colourful leaves crackling underfoot, practice yoga or enjoy a cup of tea with spices – such as ginger, cinnamon and cardamom – that warm you from the inside.  Following an exciting summer, use the opportunity to take things easy again and help your body to relax and recharge its batteries.

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