Wild yams – a women's remedy

from Mag. Margit Weichselbraun
on 13.10.2023

Yams are a beloved staple food in many tropical countries. Here in the West, standardized extracts of wild yams are also a secret remedy for women's health. Read on to learn more about this traditional tuber's benefits.

What are wild yams?

The wild yam  (Dioscorea villosa) is a species of twining, tuberous vine with heart-shaped leaves, which can grow up to seven meters high. This leafy crop also forms thick rhizomes underground, which store the plant's valuable nutrients.


Yams Balance
High-quality plant extract for hormonal well-being, especially during the menopause
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Yams Balance - 180 Kapseln
Nutrifem Agnubalance®

Valuable extracts of extracts of yam root, fennel, hops, soy and monk pepper as well as vitamins B6 and E to support the hormonal balance

Nutrifem Agnubalance®
Nutrifem Agnubalance®
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