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Dental health study: A winning smile thanks to vitamin D

Camilla Freinek Camilla Freinek
from Camilla Freinek, BSc MSc
on 25.03.2019
Dental health study: A winning smile thanks to vitamin D Dental health study: A winning smile thanks to vitamin D

All it takes is a quick look at our clothes, posture, hair and, above all, our faces: the first impression we make on strangers – and their impression on us – is determined within just a few seconds. One important factor here is a beautiful, radiant smile. If you would like to score attractiveness points with healthy teeth, you should also keep an eye on your vitamin D status. A good supply of the sun vitamin does wonders – not only for our bones but also our teeth. This is indicated by a study with healthy Swedish children published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2018.

In the study by Gyll et al., a number of eight-year-old children who had participated in a vitamin D intervention at the age of six were examined for a dental follow-up study. The 85 study participants were from different regions of Sweden.

The children had taken either 2, 10, or 25 µg of vitamin D3 daily as a milk-based supplement over the course of a three-month intervention study conducted when they were six years old. The inclusion criterion was that the children had regularly consumed milk that had been enriched with vitamin D because of a lack of daylight during the Swedish winter. In 28% of the children, a low vitamin D status was observed at the beginning of the study. After the intervention, it was 11%.

Two years later, the study participants were examined with respect to their dental health. Nutritional habits, dental care behaviour, and the intake of vitamin D supplements were also surveyed. 34% of the participants stated that they had taken vitamin D supplements during the last two years. The concentration of LL37 cathelicidins (endogenous antimicrobial proteins) in their saliva was measured, and the streptococcal concentrations in bacterial plaque (biofilm) were determined.

Evaluation of the data showed that a good supply of vitamin D at the age of six led to better dental health when the children were eight years old. A higher level of vitamin D was associated with increased production of salivary cathelicidins, which help the body to combat bacteria.


Experts have long agreed on the importance of vitamin D for calcium and bone metabolism. The mineralising and immune-supporting effect also supports good dental health. People with a good vitamin D supply therefore have plenty to smile about.

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