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Well-being and performance in everyday working life have a major influence on quality of life and success. In addition to relaxation and exercise, micronutrients can counteract stress and support your own resilience.


Micronutrients for heightened workplace stress

Getting work done, creating something new gives us a sense of achievement and pride. No matter whether it is part of a workplace health promotion strategy or your own personal contribution to your well-being at work: we will be happy to advise you on which fit@work® product is best suited to your situation.

The Biogena product series fit@work® has been developed for different life situations that require concentration, mental balance, physical endurance, and mental performance.

Creating and doing something gives us a satisfying feeling of pride. Who wouldn’t want to be able to claim that they are particularly productive, do work particularly efficiently, or inspire their environment with their own professional and private motivation?

Regardless of whether it is a measure for promoting health at your company or a personal contribution to the well-being of your professional life: We will be happy to advise you on which fit@work® product suits your situation particularly well.

5 tips for the home office

1. Choose a workplace.

The new times have brought new challenges. Those who have switched from the office to the home office need a new work setting and a minimum of structure to be able to work productively. Ideally, a separate room within one's own four walls should be chosen as a fixed office from which to work. If the spatial conditions do not allow for an office room of one's own, then one should look for a specific place in the house or flat. Work only from here and nowhere else - otherwise, the whole home will feel like work.

2. Maintain posture.

Couch, dining table, bed - anyone who hunches over their laptop for 8 hours a day is not doing their body any good. Many of us will be working more often or even only from home in the near future. It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to an ergonomic workplace. Important criteria include the following:

  • Move the keyboard and mouse to the right angle. Both computer controls should be at elbow level or below.
  • Bring the monitor to eye level. This should be at least an arm's length away and positioned so that you do not have to move your head up or down when looking.
  •  Stand on your own hind feet. Your feet should be able to rest flat on the floor.
  • While you can do well with certain tricks (e.g. using books) for the right mouse, screen, and desk height, investing in an adjustable office chair with a pre-shaped back is definitely worth considering.

3. Call it a day. 

Keep to fixed working hours as much as possible, even in the home office. Otherwise, there is a danger that you will want to do this and that and that, and that the end of the working day will be further and further behind. If deadlines are looming, it can certainly be later sometimes, but the (severely) shortened closing time should not become the rule.

4. Living rituals.

In order to remain productive when working from home and not to become "bogged down", work and free time should be clearly separated. Regular, conscious rituals help with this. For example, before starting work, hang up pyjamas or sweatpants and throw on "going out clothes". A ritual is also useful during the lunch break. It is good if you actively leave your workplace to "air out" relax and enjoy your well-earned lunch consciously and in peace.

5. Take the strain off your eyes.

If you sit in front of the computer all day and hardly look left or right, you are putting your eyes through a lot of hard work. Burning, itching and feelings of dryness can be the result. Therefore, the motto is to counteract this in good time: Consciously look out of the window more often - first at the window cross, then into the distance, close your eyes and move your eyeballs, blink and consciously take breaks (ideally outdoors) when you leave the workplace. Repeated airing and sufficient drinking are also a benefit for the eyes - and our concentration is also grateful.

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Power through the working day

Everyday working life can be demanding. You work under constant deadline pressure, you are under constant stress, you sometimes feel overwhelmed and burned out. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is essential for anyone who wants to achieve maximum performance in the long run despite a variety of challenges. Too often, fresh food, which is as rich in vitamins as possible, is sacrificed for the sake of sweet snacks or cookies, which only provide energy for a short time and are also low in nutrients. The combination of strenuous everyday working life and suboptimal nutrition also wears down our mental resilience in the long term. Studies show that, as a result, resilient people are professionally more successful, emotionally more stable and physically and mentally fitter. Biogena has developed fit@work®Premium Gold to counteract everyday stress in your professional life and to support your own resilience. This not only supports personal performance, but also helps us to master everyday stress situations. fit@work® Premium Gold – so that nothing throws us off course.

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Companion of the immune system in demanding times

In modern everyday life, our immune system is often under great strain. Occupational and private exceptional situations and stress, as well as an unbalanced diet and too little exercise in the fresh air, can cause our protective shield to shake. Especially in challenging times, however, we need a healthy, resilient immune system. Biogena, as a micronutrient specialist, has developed an innovative way of supporting your immune system: fit@work® Immun Astaxanthin combines the natural carotenoid astaxanthin from the green algae Haematococcus pluvialis with the immune assistant's vitamins C and D, which support the body's immune system - especially important in times of increased stress. Biogena uses astaxanthin as its branded raw material astafit® - an Austrian raw material made from 100% natural astaxanthin of the highest purity and quality. Natural astaxanthin is extracted from the green algae Haematococcus pluvialis and is one of the carotenoids. One also speaks of the "diamond" among the carotenoids. The algae form the red natural dye as a protection against stress caused by lack of food or water, strong sunlight, or extreme cold. Vitamins C and D serve as the basis for an efficient immune system. Vitamin C also contributes to the protection of the cells against oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which is e.g. produced in the course of the immune defense. Vitamin C can also reduce tiredness and fatigue. fit@work Immun Astaxanthin thus offers a novel combination of the special carotenoid astaxanthin with the immune classics vitamin C and D. fit@work Immun Astaxanthin - your daily companion for an intact protective shield.

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Well-rested, fit and resilient on the job:

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When stress hits the intestine

Double workload, deadline pressure, an impatient boss or unfair colleague – many situations cause stress. And stress in turn affects the digestion and the intestines. The symptoms that a stressed bowel causes are diverse and can affect professional and private life. A stressed bowel affects the mind. Well-being and quality of life decrease.

Stress causes bowel problems, bowel problems cause stress. In many cases, this vicious circle prevents bothersome bowel problems from disappearing by themselves. In such cases, the stressed intestine can even become an irritable bowel.

What many people don’t know is that our intestinal flora is also influenced by chronic stress. The increased release of stress hormones can alter the composition of the bacteria living in the intestine and cause a decrease in the useful bacteria (lactobacilli and bifidobacteria). The biodiversity of the bacteria living in the intestine also decreases.

Biogena fit@work® stress biotic is a combination of natural reproductive bacterial cultures (Lactobacillus helveticus R0052 and Bifidobacterium longum R0175), saffron extract and vitamins B2 and C. This special preparation was developed to stabilise nerves and the mind and to stop stress*, and to support the bowel mucosa, which are a prerequisite for a healthy gut.

An observational study has shown that the 6-week use of 1 capsule of Biogena fit@work® stress biotic/day can reduce the stress burden of participants by 32% and improve stress-related bowel problems by 19%

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fit@work® Basic: Your support in everyday work

BIOGENA fit@work® BASIC is a beginner preparation aimed at all employed persons for nutritional physiological support in their everyday work. After all, our daily work is not only detrimental to our mental and physical resources but is also reflected in our micronutrient supply. This makes the regular supply of vitamins and minerals all the more important. Thanks to the combination of selected B vitamins, 800 IU vitamin D, and a range of quantity and trace elements, the well-thought-out micronutrient combination offers relevant building blocks for nerves, mind, and energy in everyday work. The formula is supplemented by a high-quality maca extract (MacaPureTM), which supports mental and physical performance. fit@work BASIC – so that you can also make an important contribution to your health and well-being in your daily work.

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* Vitamin C and vitamin B2 contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin C is important for the functioning of the mind. Vitamin C and vitamin B2 play a role in protecting cells from oxidative stress.

** Vitamin B2 is necessary to maintain normal mucosal function. The intestinal mucosa is the largest mucosa in the human body.

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