Frequently asked Questions

Here we answer some of your most frequently asked questions. If you have any other queries regarding our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our science team: simply click the contact button (?) on the bottom right.

High-quality nutritional supplements from trustworthy manufacturers are safe, also if they are bought from an online shop. What is essential is that you can get information about the manufacturer, the country where the products are manufactured and manufacturing guidelines. Nutritional supplements are foodstuffs, not drugs. This is why the dosages of vitamins and minerals in these preparations are limited to nutritional purposes. In the EU, nutritional supplements are subjected to the strict legal guidelines of the General Food Law (especially the Nutritional Supplement Act) and therefore also subject to official food testing and supervision. High-quality manufacturers also have their products tested by independent laboratories. Watch out: Many products on the Internet circumvent the EU rules and are not monitored by the EU authorities. A good choice are nutritional supplements from manufacturers with whom you can get in contact directly if you have questions.

It is true that a balanced and healthy diet supplies us with nearly all the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that we need. However, some people in special situations in life have a greater need for micronutrients, such as, for example, athletes, young people in growth phases, pregnant women, but also people who cannot eat some foods (intolerances) or do not wish to do so (e.g. vegetarians). For them, it is very difficult to get their required daily supply via their diet alone. Pregnant women, for example, need more folic acid and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA – in amounts that are difficult to get via a normal, balanced diet. Vegetarians can have difficulties covering their need of vitamin B12. People suffering from lactose intolerance often have a lack of calcium.

Unfortunately, we cannot send your parcels to DHL automated parcel deposit and pick-up stations or GLS parcel shops because the parcel has to be handed over to a person. We are happy to send your parcels to your workplace, relatives or friends. Just enter a shipping address when placing an order or go to your account and add/change it there.

Fatigue, lack of concentration, and brittle and dull hair are often the first signs of a vitamin deficiency. An increased susceptibility to infections and constantly feeling cold should also ring alarm bells. A visit to your doctor should clear things up.

Our products are and will be delivered in eco-bottles only. Biogena thereby makes a valuable contribution to climate protection because the eco-bottles are made of renewable sugarcane – a plant that binds CO2 exceptionally well. You can put your eco-bottle into plastics recycling which reduces CO2 emissions.

A balanced diet is very important. In the case of deficiency or in special life situations (e.g. pregnancy), supplements can be useful. Vitamins from dietary supplements are no different from those from foodstuffs and are equally well absorbed by the body.

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For many vitamins, it is not possible to overdose because the body naturally excretes the excess. The group of fat-soluble vitamins (e.g. vitamin A) is an exception. Here, it is particularly important that the recommended dosage be followed. Good manufacturers also provide extensive advice on their products. This minimises the risk of overdose.

Vitamins and minerals are vital substances that have to be ingested via our diet. Naturally, the “dose makes the poison” here – by the way, this applies to all substances in our food, such as fat, sugar or salt. There is a legal framework for nutritional supplements and dietary foods for special medical purposes, determining the amounts of vitamins and minerals that can be used. The credo is always: A dietary food or nutritional supplement has to be safe! The dosages used in quality supplements are therefore always nutritional and far below the defined critical values.

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The safety of your information and your privacy are as important to us as they are to you. You can be sure that your information is safe with us and that you can access it any time. We comply strictly with legal regulations in collecting and using your personal information and will not pass on your information to third parties in any case.

Use only products from reputable manufacturers. They produce according to high quality criteria and guarantee raw materials from safe production. High-quality products are also free of dyes and additives and have a good level of tolerability.

You can enter and use vouchers while placing an order. It is not possible to use the voucher after placing the order (e.g. as a discount from the invoice amount).

A reliable and proven method is micronutrient analysis from whole blood. This provides a good overview of the individual level of supply. Your family doctor will be happy to recommend a suitable diagnostic laboratory.

There is no such thing as a free delivery – other suppliers incorporate the costs for logistics/transport and packaging in the price of the product. We refuse such a policy for reasons of fairness – we do not wish to “penalise” our best customers by charging multiple logistics costs if they order several products in one delivery. However, we do bear the delivery costs for orders of 200 euros and more, deducting this amount from our profit margin.

You can buy Biogena preparations at physicians and selected therapists or, on medical recommendation, directly at Biogena (from our online shop) or in Biogena stores. This strengthens the physician-patient relationship and ensures the therapeutic effects of our products. Nutritionists, pharmacists, biochemists as well as other experts from our scientific team and, last but not least, our long-time Biogena Partner physicians are responsible for the development of expedient, responsible formulas. For this reason, we ask our customers whether they want to tell us who their physician/therapist is.

If you order online before 12.30 noon, your order will be sent on the very day. All customers that have entered an e-mail address receive an automatic notification with tracking option when the parcel is dispatched.