General terms and conditions for participation in the BIOGENA Club

last update: October 2023


Registration and scope of application

1.1 In order to qualify for participation in the Biogena Club you must have already celebrated your 18th birthday and have accepted the Biogena terms and conditions. Biogena Club participation is free of charge.

1.2 Biogena GmbH & Co KG (hereinafter: Biogena) is responsible for all services provided, offers made, contents and other services given in connection with the Biogena Club (hereinafter: services). These are provided solely on the basis of these terms and conditions (hereinafter: T&Cs), and exclusively in stores participating in the Biogena Club. Stationary Biogena stores publicly listed on our website participate in the Biogena Club (/en-GB/stores.html), as does our own online store on the website Hereinafter, stationary Biogena stores and the online store will be collectively referred to as ‘participating stores’. Please note that other companies and websites of the Biogena Group (such as, do not participate in the BIOGENA Club.

1.3 The registration form must be completed to enable registration for the customer loyalty programme. Participation in the Biogena Club is not permitted if the registration form has not been completed. The registration form can be accessed in one of our Biogena stores or via the webshop.

1.4 If your application to participate is accepted by Biogena, you will receive a welcome letter containing access codes and details for your customer account. Membership of the customer loyalty programme commences on receipt of this welcome letter.

1.5 Proof of membership can be given in Biogena stores by providing your details (name, date of birth, place of birth), and in the online store by entering your access codes (log-in and password).

Biogena Club benefits

Biogena provides members of the Biogena Club with the ‘benefits for club members’ listed in the appendix below. Biogena reserves the right to change, extend, expand or cancel the benefits and services offered. The current version of this list can always be viewed at club terms and conditions

2.1 Welcome email 

When membership commences, participants receive a welcome email containing their log-in and password.

2.2 Loyalty Points

2.2.1 You can earn points in all participating stores by registering your purchases with proof of your membership in accordance with Section 1.5. You can collect points for all Biogena products, except for purchase vouchers, medical devices and medical laboratory tests. Excluded for medical products, medical laboratory tests, training formats such as the micronutrient coach and the product BIOGENA ONE.

2.2.2 For each Euro of the price paid for the purchase, you will be credited with 1 loyalty point in the participating stores or in the online store in Bronze and Silver status, 2 loyalty points in Gold status and 3 loyalty points in Diamond status. The price will be rounded up to a full euro amount (without eurocent). Foreign currencies are converted into euros on the basis of the official exchange rate valid on the day of purchase. If purchases are rescinded, the credited points will be subsequently cancelled.

2.2.3 Loyalty points can be redeemed in all participating stores. Biogena Club members can find more details about the redemption options in their club overview (login area).

2.2.4 The loyalty points that you have collected expire on 30 September every calendar year if no purchases were made in the preceding 12-month period (i.e. between 1 October and 30 September). Purchase here is understood to include orders but not returns. This does not apply to club members with Silver, Gold or Diamond club status on the reference date of 30 September (see Regulations under Point 2.4 Status).

2.3 Customer account

2.3.1 Biogena opens a customer account for every member. Your personal information is deposited here to make purchasing in the online store even more convenient. To create access details, Biogena uses the e-mail you provide when registering for the Biogena Club, and also the password you have chosen.

2.3.2 If you are logged into your customer account during the ordering procedure, the contact data required for ordering will be automatically completed using the customer account information entered in your account. This makes ordering via the online store very simple. The personal details section of your customer account can be accessed at any time to update and add to the information provided. Members can also check ordering status and order histories by viewing the purchases completed in participating stores. Participants can also custom-set preferred means of payment, shipping, and adjust newsletter settings, block or allow ads – according to requirements.

2.4 Status

2.4.1 Status level

There are four (4) Biogena Club status levels that confer special rights and enable access to a range of services. Status is determined by net turnover results for a Biogena business year. The Biogena business year begins on the on the 1st of October in one calendar year and finishes at midnight on the 30th of September the following year.

These are the Biogena Club status levels:

Level                                                 Yearly turnover
Bronze                                               0-399€
Silver                                                 400-899€
Gold                                                   900-1.799€
Diamond                                             >1.800€

2.4.2. Status change

During a business year, a status upgrade can be achieved by reaching purchasing targets further up the list. Biogena implements the status upgrade within 72 hours of your reaching the target, displays the new status in the customer account and informs the club member in question via e-mail. Members can only access and take advantage of the new benefits once they have been informed of the status change by Biogena.

Members who have not achieved their status target will be informed by e-mail at the end of each business year (30th September), and be given until 31st December to reach the target. Members have until this new deadline to confirm the current status, or to make additional purchases to exceed it. After 31st December, all participating members will be informed of their new status.

Please note that only deliveries or partial deliveries that have already been delivered will be credited to your customer account as loyalty points/purchase value. Outstanding partial deliveries, which are delivered after 30th of September, will already be added to the calculation of your status in the new fiscal year. 

Cancellation and termination

3.1 BIOGENA Club membership can be cancelled immediately at any time, without needing to set a deadline or inform Biogena of such in writing.

3.2 BIOGENA is entitled to cancel memberships of the customer loyalty programme at the end of any month by providing three (3) months’ notice. This does not affect BIOGENA ’s right to cancel membership for other important reasons.

Contact options

4.1 Please contact us at the following address if you have any questions about the customer loyalty programme:

Tel: +43/662/23 11 11

Benefits and services for BIOGENA Club members

General: All the following points apply for Biogena Club members (hereinafter “members”) who have the applicable status to claim the relevant benefit.  

(1)         Club members are kept up to date about new benefits and promotions via the Biogena Newsletter.

(2)        You will find more details about loyalty points in the General Terms and Conditions of Use for participation in the Biogena Club.

(3)        On the anniversary of their membership in the Biogena Club, members receive an anniversary voucher via email.

(4)         Once the qualifying status has been reached, shipping costs for purchases in the online store are no longer charged.

(5)       Members who have the relevant status are entitled to participate at the online course to become a certified Micronutrient Coach® free of charge or with the indicated discount. Participation in a course is once per customer account and is dependent upon availability as stated by Biogena. It cannot be transferred to a third party. Please note that if your Club status is downgraded due to recalculation on October 1st the On Demand Course will be deactivated again and you will no longer have access to the videos.

(6)          Members receive an annual voucher for a free family day pass to IKUNA Nature Adventure Park. Redeemable at

(7)         If a study is carried out on a new product, for example, Club members who have the correct status are invited by phone to take part in it and receive a small gift as a thank-you.

(8)        Club members with Diamond status receive a personal invitation to the Club events held by Biogena.