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Magnesium for the psyche

from Mag. Margit Weichselbraun
on 02.01.2020

Winter. The days are getting shorter, and the never-ending nights take their toll on the mind. But how can you give your psyche a helping hand? It often doesn't take much to support your own psyche and take on everyday life with a smile. A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition now shows how important a good supply of magnesium is for our well-being.

For the current study, scientists interviewed over 3,000 adults aged between 18 and 55 years about their eating habits and then compared their magnesium intake with their psychological well-being. It was shown that the psyche of the female participants was clearly supported by magnesium. In addition, in the group of normal-weight men and in that of overweight women, a further correlation between magnesium intake and mood was identified, which repeatedly underlined the supportive effects of magnesium and the psyche. This result can probably be attributed to the involvement of magnesium in certain metabolic reactions in the body. A good supply of magnesium therefore also supports our psyche as well as our nervous system and energy metabolism.

And what else can you do to support your own psyche?

“Do more of what makes you happy” – this saying should become your personal credo. No matter whether you do something creative, meet friends, or immerse yourself in the beauty of nature – everyone has his or her own recipe for happiness to support their own psyche and well-being.

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