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  • Free from colourings & preservatives
  • Without technical additives
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Micronutrients at a glance

Vitamins – vital substances
By the time the first vitamins were discovered in 1908, it was clear that we humans cannot live on the energy we get from food alone. Alongside, we also need a regular, sufficient supply of 13 other vitamins, and more.
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The most important minerals - aka bulk elements
Minerals are natural, inorganic substances that are essential for us humans. Whether we’re growing, dancing or digesting - nothing works without them. Among other things, minerals are the building blocks that make up bones, teeth, hair and nails. They also form the basis for fluid balance, nerve excitation and hormonal processes.
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Small quantities – big responsibilities
Trace elements are chemical elements that occur in the human body in tiny amounts, i.e. traces. Some of the most well-known include zinc, iron, selenium and silicon, all of which also count as essential trace elements.
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Support for the intestinal flora
Our gut is a hive of activity: The intestinal flora, also known as the microbiome, is busy colonising it. The intestinal flora is made up of round 100,000 billion germs from more than 400 different species, and weighs over a kilogram! Lactobacteria and bifidobacteria are particularly abundant.
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Basic substance for our lives
Water and protein are substances without which no living being can exist. Amino acids are the smallest building blocks of proteins. Only 20 amino acids are enough for our body to build all of its own protein structures.
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When producing our food supplements, we are laser-focused on high-quality ingredients, optimal dosage and the highest quality standards. BIOGENA products are made in Austria, according to the pure-substance principle. This means that they are completely free from auxiliary substances and additives.

Austrian Science
Our preparations are guaranteed to be pure and free from colourings, preservatives and technical additives and are carefully optimised and produced in Austria with a great deal of dedication by people for people.
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Passion creates radical quality
We guarantee independent, uncompromising quality controls for every batch. This is, as it always has been, a personal guarantee from the managers and owners.
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Health & science is our commitment
We want to create, share and grow knowledge, and in the process infect others with our enthusiasm for health – through our BIOGENA Academy and the largest scientific team in the industry.
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Curiosity, networking and innovation
We maintain a lively curiosity and keep up with the latest scientific developments, while at the same time working to track down ancient knowledge. To achieve this, we and our 18,000+ partner doctors and therapists are actively and sustainably networking across the globe with top researchers, raw material manufacturers, diagnostic experts and universities.
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Our value chain is characterised by our underlying ecological principles. Just a few highlights from the BIOGENA environmental program: the world’s first supplement eco-bottle in this sector, carbon neutrality and our very own “BIOGENA Forest” – growing steadily.
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Good Health for Planet Blue
We distribute our products, services and ideas worldwide, creating fantastic places for health and well-being. BIOGENA stores, Check Up services and licence partners represent the beginning of a long and exciting journey to better health for all.
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Let us advise you personally

Our certified micronutrient advisors are available to you personally in our stores. You can find us in 23 stores in Austria, Germany, Tirana and Dubai. Come by and find out how you can positively influence your life with micronutrients.
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