OPC grape seed extract capsules

Scientific findings support the theory that plant-based protective substances, flavourings, fragrances and colourings, including oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC), have an effect on the human body. We harness these effects with the OPC grape seed extract capsules.

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OPC from grape and grape seed extract:

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPCs for short, are so-called secondary plant substances that can be found in bark, leaves and peels – in other words, in those parts of the plant that are in close contact with the environment. However, seeds and pips are also often rich in phytochemicals. Grape seeds in particular are often used to extract OPCs for food supplements.

OPCs are natural antioxidants that create a plant defence system and thus protect the plant from UV radiation, climatic influences, predators and pest infestation.

OPC capsules from BIOGENA

BIOGENA is a renowned manufacturer of dietary supplements and offers premium OPC capsules that are characterised by excellent product quality – without unnecessary additives, strictly controlled and manufactured to the highest standards. The OPC-rich extracts are subjected to comprehensive quality tests, ensuring a standardised amount of OPC in the products. This means you know exactly how much OPC you are taking.

The OPC capsules contain a scientifically developed formula designed to maximise bioavailability and effectiveness. Sophisticated combinations with other plant extracts ensure a perfect interplay of ingredients. If you want to take an extra portion of valuable OPCs, you should, without question, use the first-class food supplement from BIOGENA.

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If you are searching for premium OPC from grape and grape seed extracts, it is important to pay attention to quality and purity when buying OPC capsules. It all depends on the ingredients.

Dietary supplement with natural active complex

BIOGENA's premium OPC products are more than just a simple dietary supplement. They offer a naturally active complex.

Resveratrol plant substance as a supplement

The resveratrol plant substance, which also possesses antioxidant properties and is particularly stable, is recommended as an ideal supplement to OPC. Resveratrol is mainly prevalent in the skins of red grapes. In plants, the protective substance counteracts infestation by parasites and fungi. The combination of OPC and resveratrol in one capsule offers a synergistic effect that maximises the benefits of both plant substances.

OPC Resveratrol Formula®

Other polyphenols as supplements

OPCs belong to the polyphenols class. Other valuable polyphenols can also be found in green tea (catechins), pomegranates (tannins) and olive leaves (oleuropein), which expand on the spectrum of OPCs.

OPC PolyMax® 250/30
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