Biogena Diamonds®: High-end meets elegance, energy and exclusivity

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on 10.03.2021
Biogena Diamonds®: High-end meets elegance, energy and exclusivity Biogena Diamonds®: High-end meets elegance, energy and exclusivity

The Austrian high-end consumer health brand with the uncompromising mission to achieve more "Good Health and Well-Being" for as many people as possible worldwide is now making a unique, breathtaking lifestyle statement. The new high-end premium preparation Biogena Diamonds® shines in every way and is a veritable fireworks display of joie de vivre, from its design and brand image to its absolutely exclusive formula. The stylish signature supplement highlights each person’s own radiance in all facets and has been developed to help Biogena customers reach nothing less than their full potential.

World premiere after more than three years of passionate research: Biogena dazzles with brilliance

“Our declared goal is to let your personal facets shine with brilliance, to unfold your infinite potential and bring out what is perhaps still hidden,” affirms Biogena Managing Director Julia Ganglbauer about the state-of-the-art luxury preparation. Ganglbauer herself was involved in the brainstorming and development steps together with the largest scientific team in the industry. 

Unmatched expertise from inspiration to the complete preparation: Biogena Diamonds® sets completely new standards with the most valuable micronutrients of the present day, namely 44 exquisite high-end ingredients, precisely tuned to each other and united in a perfect symbiosis. It goes without saying that the most recent findings in biochemistry, nutritional science and medicine have all fed into the detailed development work. The use of branded raw materials of the highest quality and in the purest form embodies the purity of the diamond – a high-end preparation full of elegance and energy that is totally unique. 

5 diamonds that make you shine 

The new diamond standard’s ability to open up the full potential of unique personalities is strongly expressed in the claim "Keep your Brilliance" - with the new Biogena Diamonds® preparation supporting this on five levels at once: Health (physical health), Focus (mental performance), Energy (power), Balance (nerves and mind) and Glow (beauty). The ultimate 5-in-1 Master Collection with the Biogena Brilliance Blend® covers all your lifestyle needs with just three capsules per day and meets both your and our highest demands. 

This is because Biogena Diamonds® combines the premium selection of branded raw materials and extracts that have been proven in numerous clinical studies, such as the gold standard ingredient Pycnogenol®, whose 100 mg dosage has been proven in over 160 clinical studies.  

Exclusively for you 

Developed and designed for people with the most exquisite taste, who are fascinated by the endless wealth of opportunities for bringing spiritual, emotional and physical health into perfect harmony. We are there for you through even the most turbulent times. Biogena is setting completely new benchmarks and standards in the industry with this high-end supplement - in other words, it is the diamond standard in high-end supplementation. Based on a formulation that has never been seen before, a masterful composition of the most exquisite raw materials and years of scientific work, the 361 Grad Health Company has taken a conscious step towards an absolute flagship preparation and is setting an international example. It is a shining example of more individual brilliance, of living to one’s full potential and of greater and genuine vitality, which is especially important to us in these times. It’s time to reveal your hidden depths and give your brilliance that final unique polish. 

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About Biogena 

Biogena is the high-end premium consumer health brand with the uncompromising mission of helping as many people as possible worldwide achieve greater health and well-being. Unique premium preparations as well as targeted diagnostics and expert knowledge are the pillars of the Biogena Group’s high-quality health portfolio. The Biogena unique manufacturing standard is characterised by radical quality born from a passionate belief in the pure substance principle that uses the finest ingredients, guaranteed free from artificial colourings, preservatives and technical additives. Additionally, each individual batch is quality controlled by the accredited and independent LEFO institute. Apart from our impeccable quality standards, Biogena also boasts environmentally friendly packaging in the form of our Biogena eco-bottles. A high level of tolerability and optimum bioavailability are the result of seamless, state-of-the-art research and development by the greatest scientific team in the sector. Welcome to yourself. 

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