12-pack tray
BIOGENA moments - beauty bliss - DE - 12 x 250 ml BIOGENA moments - beauty bliss - DE - 12 x 250 ml

BIOGENA moments - beauty bliss

The lovely floral-fresh functional drink for your beauty moment in a 12-pack tray
With jasmine bergamot flavor
With the beauty vitamin biotin*
With vegan hyaluronic acid (GREENIURONIC®)
Zero sugar added**: only 17 kcal per can
100% vegan & sustainably packaged
(€1.66 / pcs.)
Plus shipping costs
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Your Rise x Shine Prestige Moment

Embark on an inspiring journey into the world of sensuality and beauty with the beguiling scent of jasmine and bergamot and the fascinating magenta shimmering color of beauty bliss. Let yourself be seduced by extracts from the Far Eastern wonder root ginseng and the superfood açai, known for its high content of anthocyanins, antioxidants that are also responsible for the berry's intoxicating deep purple color. To maintain beautiful skin lures vitamin B7, biotin, which is contained in an amount of 100% of the recommended daily dose per can. A special feature in beauty bliss is the branded raw material Greeniuronic®, which contributes hyaluronic acid from the silver ear, Tremella fuciformis. Hyaluronic acid has the unique ability to bind enormous amounts of water. It thus also binds moisture in the connective tissue of the skin. And in beauty bliss, it also provides a wonderfully full and velvety mouthfeel!

With a full, lovely floral taste, beauty bliss is sugar-free and contains a slim 17 kcal per can: another special message that will make your glow shine!

Good to know:

∞ Experience your Rise x Shine prestige moment with hyaluronic acid, açai and biotin to support your glow.

∞ The rosy beauty bliss owes its color exclusively to naturally coloring plant extracts.

∞ BIOGENA Inside

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May have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.

Not an organic product according to Regulation (EU) 2018/848.

GREENIURONIC® is a registered trademark of Vivatis Pharma GmbH.

Subject to print or typographical errors. Version:

Protect from heat.

Contains Biogena Premium Micronutrients

High proportion of natural ingredients

Without added sugar

100 % vegan

Natural aroma

Recommended consumption

Beguiling refreshing drink with jasmine bergamot flavor, with vegan hyaluronic acid from Tremella extract and biotin (vitamin B7), with sweetener. Sugar-free thanks to ZERO by NEOH. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Package size

12 x 250 ml e

NUTRITIONAL VALUE TABLEper 100 mlper can (250 ml)% RI*/% NRV**
28 kJ / 7 kcal69 kJ / 17 kcal1 %*
Total fat
0 g0 g-*
of which saturates
0 g0 g-*
1.1 g2.8 g1 %*
of which sugar
0 g0.5 g1 %*
0 g0 g-*
0 g0 g-*
20 µg50 µg100 %**
Tremella extract (GREENIURONIC®)
40 mg100 mg-
thereof hyaluronic acid
32 mg80 mg-

water, Lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate, vegetable fiber (agave, chicory, corn), bulking agent: Polydextrose, Carbonic acid, flavour enhancer: erythritol, Açai extract, ginseng extract, Plant concentrates (carrot, hibiscus), Tremella fuciformis extract (0,04 %), natural flavourings, sweetener: sucralose;, D-biotin.

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To ensure that vegans can also enjoy our products without any worries, we consistently use a purely plant-based formula without any animal products.
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To give our snacks and drinks the perfect sweetness, we rely on the ingenious innovation of our partner NEOH.
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We are refined - but our sugar is not! That's why we don't use refined sugar. To give our snacks a special flavour and the perfect sweetness, we rely on the ingenious stroke of genius NEOH Inside from our partner NEOH. Thanks to the secret sugar replacement formula ENSO16, a perfect composition of flavour elements is created.

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We focus on finesse - but our sugar does not! That's why we clearly do not use refined sugar. To give our snacks a special flavour and the perfect sweetness, we use the ingenious innovation NEOH Inside. The secret sugar replacement formula ENSO16 creates an ideal composition of flavour elements.

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